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This site last updated 4/05/01

Since I drive exclusively on the street, for my Forester I chose to modify it towards its sports sedan heritage. I guess what I really wanted was an Impreza wagon, but I needed more room.  Sport Utility tough, Car easy? Hell no! I want to put the SPORT back in SPORT UTILITY!  You can see below how far I've gotten so far, and where it will eventually end up. 

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

This one shows my Forester at its stock height

click here to see a picture of my Forester

This one shows my Forester at a "slammed" height after installing Tein S-Tech Medium stiffness lowering springs intended for the Impreza

low05.jpg (120528 bytes)

This one shows my Forester at its new comfortable ride height after installing the stock Impreza 2.5 RS springs with the KYB AGX struts

Medium01.jpg (108835 bytes)

 click here to see the modified dash of my Forester click here to see what my Enkei Suzuka wheels look like  click here to see the interior from the driver's side Pedals01.jpg (93254 bytes) PassInteriormarch.jpg (93942 bytes) Rearhatch02.jpg (65460 bytes)  

  The following modifications have already been completed:

Roof rack cross-bar delete

  BSA "Suzuka"-style 17" x 7" wheels with Federal 235/45 17 Tires

White B/C rated fire extinguisher mounted on driver's side floor

Subaru Accessory Center Armrest Extension

Subaru MY 2001 Dual Cup Holder in dash retrofit

Pioneer Premier KEH-P606 am/fm/cassette/cd controller 

Pioneer CDX-P1220S 12 disc changer (mounted under passenger's seat)

Alpine 6.5" speakers in front doors

Pioneer 5.25" speakers in rear doors

SAS Bazooka Tube T102 10" powered subwoofer in rear hatch 

(strapped to back of rear seats)

Colored (Blue) Taylor Wire Looms underhood (look darker than shown)

KYB AGX adjustable struts (4-way front, 8-way rear)

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) Stock Impreza 2.5 RS Springs (lowers Forester 3")

underhoodbar05.jpg (103666 bytes)   underhoodbar02.jpg (94505 bytes)   underhoodbar04.jpg (118601 bytes)   underhoodbar03.jpg (135669 bytes)   underhoodbar06.jpg (84872 bytes)

Cusco Front Strut Tower Support Bar

Cusco Rear Strut Tower Support Bar

Cusco Rear Lower Suspension Bar (Behind / Below Rear Differential)

lowerbar01.jpg (59919 bytes)

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) 18mm anti-sway bar

K&N Filtercharger drop-in performance air filter

3A Racing stainless steel muffler (with dual-3" round resonated exhaust tips)

click here to go to their website  this is my muffler  my muffler has resonated tips like this

click here to see what the muffler looks like  click here to see what the muffler looks like  click here to see what the muffler looks like  exhaust.jpg (69543 bytes)

Borla stainless steel header

Front Calipers & Rear Drums Painted (Blue)

Halogen single strobes (white) in reverse lights

Halogen single strobes (yellow) in rear turn signals

Halogen single strobes (blue) in headlights

Neon Mini-Tubes (blue) under driver's and passenger's side dash

Strobes and Neon wired to Aircraft Flip-up safety cover switches

Sub-Woofer disconnect wired to Aircraft Flip-up safety cover switch

switches01.jpg (83507 bytes)  switches04.jpg (82980 bytes)


Here are a few pictures I drew to conceptualize the finished product. Click on the thumbnails to see a large picture.

click here to see my concept drawing   click here to see my concept drawing   click here to see my concept drawing

picture 1              picture 2              picture 3

Picture 1 is a rear 3/4 view, showing the 3" drop and the 17" wheels. Notice the trunkmonkey racing banner along the bottom rear window and their trunkmonkey logos on my rear side windows? Wanna know what that is all about? It is really funny...

For  information on trunkmonkey racing, please go to


Picture 2 is a front 3/4 view, again showing those rims and what the 3" drop will look like. Also, I wanted an idea what a SUBARU windshield banner might look like.


Picture 3 is a  3/4 frontal top view, this one with the rear deck open. Just trying to get and idea from all angles, and this one lets you see the windshield banner even better.

The God-knows-when Far-Future plans include:

Zero Sports grille

Maximum performance

(Cobb Heads, Cam Shafts, and / or Turbo kit)

STi 4-Piston Disc brakes (front)

Rear Disc Brake Conversion

Cusco adjustable pillow-ball strut mounts (front & rear)