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It seems that the U.S. gets the lowest performance models when it comes to Subaru. Finally, they are introducing a turbo Impreza to the U.S., but it falls short of JDM WRX's 286 horsepower. The same is true of the Forester.

In Japan and Europe, their is the Forester Turbo S model. This turbocharged 2.0 liter dohc model puts out 205 horsepower. It is essentially a detuned WRX motor, but still quite a bit more power than the U.S. model Foresters. Other than it's potent little turbo powerplant and its scooped hood, it is almost identical to the U.S. Forester S model.

It is possible to upgrade these, too. A chap in Australia was bitten by the bug, and here are some pictures of his MRT re-worked Forester with WRX-power.