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It seems that the U.S. gets the lowest performance models when it comes to Subaru. Finally, they are introducing a turbo Impreza to the U.S., but it falls short of JDM WRX's 286 horsepower. The same is true of the Forester.

In Japan and Europe, their is the Forester Turbo - S model. 

Subaru Technica International (STI) also makes a performance model of the Forester. Dubbed the STI ST/b (type a or type b, depending on year) this monster comes with all the high performance goodies. Putting out 240 turbocharged and intercooled horsepower, this speed demon is capable of keeping up with its cousin, the WRX.

Also, Japan has many Japan-only accessories available for the Forester, such as full ground effect Aero kits both from Subaru and from several aftermarket tuners, such as Corazon, Tommy Kaira, and Zero Sports.