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Below are some pictures of my motorcycle. Items listed in bold are aftermarket add-ons. Bike runs sold, has been well-maintained and garage kept. My digital camera unfortunately washed out the yellow in these pictures, so refer to the previous picture for an accurate accout of the color. Paint is in excellent shape.

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Pictures above show off the Fork Bag and Driving Lights

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Pictures above highlight the Exhaust System, Chrome Accessories, and Passenger's Backrest

0002.jpg (110947 bytes) 

Picture above shows the Tank Bra and Faux "Air Cleaner"

0004.jpg (102971 bytes)

Picture above highlights the Driver's Floorboards and Heel - Toe Shifter

0009.jpg (115610 bytes)

Sorry. I misinformed you that the bike had less than 5,000 miles. It has about 5,400 miles.

The Shadow A(merican) C(lassic) E(dition) is a great, low-maintenance Harley-Davidson alternative. This bike is liquid-cooled (see frontal pics for radiator), shaft-driven, and easy to ride.  Disc brakes front and rear. 

It sounds like a Harley, looks like a Harley, and rides like a Harley.

It just doesn't break or leak oil like a Harley!!!